Sunday, May 6, 2007

Even Big Girls Get Owies

Last night I used a Menard's store credit that had been sitting in the basement for some time now. I did some big purchasing in March, and days after found the items on sale. I returned to get store credit for the price difference, and emerged with a $30. I finally found a use for that Menard's money: some larger pots for two of my beloved houseplants. A ficus, and little pine, "Tree's baby," are now spreading their roots in two comfortable new pots, and feeding off some fresh potting soil. I moved them outside, too. Those are happy plants, but I am NOT a happy woman. I was cleaning up, and I dropped a 8 inch clay pot on my right big toe. You'd think the world shattered.

Now, in my defense, I have an extremely high tolerance for pain. I don't need to remind you I've two natural childbirths, and my doctor has looked at my throat when I had an infection, and told me I "must have a extremely high pain tolerance." My doctor said, so I know it's true. LOL.

This stupid pot split in a million pieces, and I hopped on my left foot devastated. I called for Theo to get me a glass of wine immediately. First reaction? Weird huh? I haven't had a glass of wine since my birthday? Anyway, you know how when you hurt yourself the pain gradually subsides, or wains? Not this toe. It continued to throb for hours. I put it up, and iced it, and after crying harder than I cried during childbirth, I napped, only to wake up and find it still hurt like h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Yeah, I wore make-up yesterday. This morning, I was brave enough to take the nailpolish off. Sometime during the night I had pinpointed the pain to be in the nail region, and thought I should get a closer look. Apparently, the pot chipped my freshly manicured nail, too. Small owie. Big pain.

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Leena said...

Hey, need I remind you Adam PASSED OUT when the soap dish shattered on his toe nail? Apparently getting hit on the nail is one of the most painful areas on the body! Feel better, Jamie!