Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taking the Potty Seriously

Officially, we are vigorously potty training Ben. Ben first used his potty a year ago. I thought for sure he'd be potty trained by the time he turned 2, but then he suddenly would not use it. I have since tried several time and given up. I put the chair away for awhile, until he seemed more commited and interested. I'm ready. And I think he is, too.

I did not buy any diapers last time we went to the store, just pull-ups. Yesterday, Ben wore the same unsoiled pull-up from about 11am, through his nap, pee-peed on the potty, played outside with Joey for 2 hours, pee-peed again, all the way through 5pm. 6 hours!

I decided Ben hates sitting in the small bathroom with Hunter and I hovering over him. I sat the potty in front of the TV. A few days of TV watching is an okay exchange for a potty trained child.

Overnight his diaper was fairly dry. Theo said it looked like he only went once all night. Ben's back on the potty right now, but has yet to pee this morning, and we've been up for 2 hours. I'm holdng steady to this potty sitting thing. Once he pees, I'll put his pull-up on, and let him frolick for a 45 minutes or so, and then I'll sit him down until he pees again. That's the plan, I'll keep you posted.

EDITTED: Ben pee-peed on the potty at 8am. He's in a pull-up now, and I'm ready to get him back on the potty really soon here.

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Amy said...

This is exactly how my mom potty trained me. I sat on the potty and watched Sesame Street!