Friday, May 18, 2007

The Big Picture

Today has been beautiful! Cool temps with warm sun, just right for rolling around on the grass and frolicking about. This morning I took some pictures of the whole darn yard and this afternoon my mom asked for pictures of the whole yard. Funny how things work that way sometimes. Here are some pictures of the yard, and more interestingly, the boys playing in it.

This is taken from behind the whole lot:
This shot is from the front side-walk:
This is the side of the house, taken from the front yard.

From under the front trees:

Hunter and Ben playing with rocks right by the hose:

Moving on to the "clubhouse." I had the boys dressed in the get dirty clothes b/c Theo mowed and did not rake up the grass clippings which yields great grass stains! See, this mom watches and learns.

I can't go down the slide, but I can sit on the bottom.

Moving on to make a mess elsewhere:

They take everything out of the deck box every time. Stinkers.
How about some basketball? Ben shows Hunter how it's done:
Then we ride the various vehicles in the kids' motor pool.
How lucky am i? I get to hang out with these cool kids everyday. I love my life. Oh, and honey, the lawn looks awesome.

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