Friday, May 11, 2007

My version of Catalina

My scanner is broken, so I am forced to photograph photos. Here are some pictures from my adventures on Catalina Island, all from 1998-2001. It felt great to look at all these pictures; broght back tons of great memories.

This is a page in a very old scrapbook documenting Theo and I on the island for breakfast one day:

This is me and Katie at Decanso Beach:

This is the Casino Ballroom:

Theo standing near Avalon Bay:

Steve and I, driving the boat, sort of.

Me kayaking on the east side of the island:

Here is the Casino Ballroom from Avalon Bay:

Myself and Katie on the Express boat on our way home from the island:

Avalon Cove:

Catalina from San Pedro:

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