Monday, May 28, 2007

Last night...

Hunter was so tired after a long day of romping. He passed out in my arms, and would NOT wake up! How cute is this?

I love being outside at night, and getting the chance to turn my patio lights on:

Hunter and Ben went to sleep and Theo and I had a little bonfire in the yard. I love sitting by the fire, there's something so relaxing about listening and watching as the sun sets. I watched the bats coming out (I still do not have the bat house I wanted). I have a "thing" for bats dating back to my many trips to Yosemite as a child. Recently, I have read bats eat mosquitos, and I figure having a bat house nearby will encourage bats to eat our mosquitos. Farm and Fleet sells bat houses, and I have my heart set on one! Anyway here is our fire. Have a great Memorial Day everyone!

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