Monday, May 7, 2007

Shrek Ears, Cheerios, and Toby

We've had these Shrek ears lying around for some time. Hunter has taken a liking to them, and often totes them while around chewing on them. Today he kept trying to get them on his head. Smarty pants.

I put them on him, and laughed, so he laughed.

I put them on myself, and he laughed even harder. Then, he tried to put them on me.
Finally, he went off to play, while still wearing them.

Even as they fell he chugged around the floor scavenging Cheerios gleefully.

I have documented the close relationship between Hunter & our cat. Hunter and Toby have been eating Cheerios together since Hunter was 5 months old. It's so cute. Today, Hunter tried to feed Toe-cat.

Hunter tries to cuddle his kitty.

Hey slow down, Toby, don't forget to share!

Mom, he's eating all my Cheerios!

Who does this cat think he is?

Aren't these cute? Made my afternoon.

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