Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Pluked" on the way to Flea Market

This morning I dragged my family to a local flea market. I love flea markets. This one is really good b/c they have excellent dealers and nothing from after 1975 is really allowed (although I did see more stuff this year that broke this rule). Ben started wailing in the car as we got 1 block away from the fairgrounds. He vomited everywhere. We had to get him some clothes from ShopKo. He seemed to shape up okay, especially after he ate some food. I did the whole market in about 3 hours, nearly at a running pace, in the rain. I didn't buy much, but I found a few treasures: These twig planters were $2, and $2.50. I grabbed a few $1.59 4-packs of annuals at my local nursery, packed them full, and hung them on the patio.

Ben was so tired afterward, he fell asleep mid-cheetoe snacking.
One of the best parts of a flea market is watching everyone running away with their treasures.
Here I am about to get in the car with the goodies. I got the kids a vintage chalkboard, 3 twig pieces for the yard, and this metal garden ornament. I also picked a 4-pack of a hard-to-find coleus, hence the bright yellow leaves you see here. I was one happy, happy lady. Thanks, mom for "sponsering" my trip to the market. I wish yoy were here.

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