Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hunter's (early) 1st Birthday

'Round our house we celebrate all holidays on a military calendar. Christmas 05' was actually in January of 06'. This week, it's Hunter's birthday a few days early, and next week Mother's Day will be Tuesday. You get used to it after awhile. Last night we celebrated Hunter's birthday. (I know some presents are in transit with the postal service, and I'll be sure to blog more as those arrive.)

I love to bake. Fudge, cookies, breads, all from scratch. I have never done a cake from scratch. I plan on trying soon, but for now Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines have perfected the process, and I embellish it is anyway I can. For Hunter I added a French Vanilla Pudding center to his French Vanilla Cake with Rainbow Chip frosting. Gooey, and with this heat and humidity, a little lop-sided with apudding center, but still. Delicious.

We played outside while we waited for Dad to get home from work. Hunter looked so darn cute!

Then we came in and sang Happy Birthday and wore party hats. Don't have to tell you, Hunter LOVED the cake, duh! And yes, I had a piece. Two, one this morning also. I know how hard I'll have to work to take care of that by my Monday weigh-in. Never fear.

We opened presents. Hunter received bilingual musical maracas, a Backyardigan's guitar, balls, a Thomas Tent, a pool with a inflatable giraffe attached to it, an electronic book, a toddler t-ball toy, a dumptruck, some shirts, and more... . Thanks to Grandma Anita, Tomy, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for the presents last night. It was so much fun to see the boys opening things together. You may have guessed Ben did most of the opening. It was so hot and humid last night, I am aware that I look like I just ran a fat people's marathon in the Amazon, but I had to have a picture of me with my baby on his birthday!

After presents we went back outside while Theo finished up the Clubhouse. Ben had the neighbor boy, Joey, over, and Hunter ran all around as usual.

Dad completed the swingset last night, and had ben out on the slide and swings by 5:30 this morning!

I will post some pictures I still have to Photoshop later. I'm out in the sun on the patio, and it's hot and too bright for me to see the screen really good. :) Hope all of you have a great day!

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Leena said...

okay, so rainbow chip frosting just so happens to be my FAVORITE, and of course they don't sell it over here. I was just talking to Adam last night about how much I love it, so I was pretty stoked to see it on Hunter's cake. Although, I think it goes best with a strawberry cake and in cupcake form, but hey, that is just me. Feel free to mail a can of it to me! Happy Birthday, Hunter!