Sunday, May 20, 2007

Exploring Janesville

We decided to head out to one of the more local, and smaller farmer's markets on Saturday morning. I picked up two more tomato plants, and one pepper, 3/$2. I know one of the tomato is Juliet, the other is smaller than Roma, but bigger than Cherry Tomatos. We munched on some Cherry Donuts. I also picked up pamphlet to see how I can become a Master Gardener. We'll see... classes start in September. I know they give scholarships sometimes, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Just an idea.
While in downtown Janesville we looked at the Rock River, and went in and out of a few consignment shops. We found a beautiful WWI memorial and took some time to look at how many names were on it. Sadly, we found the memorials shrunk in size considerably for more recent wars. In fact, someone threw together a headstone type of memorial and clumped together WWII, the Korean, and Vietman war. Amazing how little respect veteran's get sometimes. I love that Theo always takes the time to bring these things to my attention.
A good morning, we didn't stop there...

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