Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The temperature got up to 88 degrees this afternoon, so we headed outside and right into the sprinkler, or as Ben calls it, "sprinkles." Hunter was very apprehensive, but curious.

Ben and the dog hopped right in, as if last summer was yesterday.

I've been teaching Ben how to pick up Hunter. When Hunter would not go close to the water I asked Ben to take Hunter to the water. Hunter was not pleased with this, AT ALL.

Here he runs back to me, angry as can be!

Look at that anger! Poor thing...

Meanwhile, Laura and Ben play in the water.

Ben likes to fill the buckets and dumptrucks (look Melissa, our boys have the same dumptruck!

Hunter wasn't completely deterred. He remained curious, but distant.

He decided to play on the slide for awhile, and look what he figured out how to do! Slide sitting down, in the correct direction!

How freakin' cute are these pictures!

After a romp on the slide, Hunter played on his John Deere.

I found a bucket from this morning filled with sun-warmed water. I gave it to Hunter with a sandbox toy in it. He loved it, splashing away. When all was said and done, he enjoyed a little bit of the sprinkles, but I think Hunter will be more a pool-man.

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