Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cheessse Graaaahnd-mah!

So, my mom made a comment about not taking as many pictures of Ben as I do of Hunter. It's true. He's difficult to photograph. He will not hold still, not even for a second. He will not smile for me. This is what I usually get with Ben:

So, today I decided to change all that, if even for just a second. I taught him where to look into the camera, and how holding still makes for better pictures.

I let him take a self-portrait:

And I let him hold the camera and take a picture of mommy:

Then, I told him his family, especially grandma, wants to see pictures of him.
Ben took these pictures just for you, saying, " Cheeeese Graaaaaahnmaaaahhhh."

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma.


Sarah said...

dness-- he is so cute and sweet. even when he's blurry.

Sarah said...

meant to say "goodness," not dness.