Saturday, May 26, 2007

Warning: Abnormal Uterus.

Yup. I have one, I guess. Bet you want to know all about it, right?

I was on the pill, and not missing it at all when Theo broke the 99.9% effectiveness percentage to get me preggers with Hunter Joe. So, I recently had an IUD (Mirena) put in to prevent Theo and I from making any more babies for at least a few more years. I went in to have the IUD follow-up, just confirming it was in the right place. Nope. The doctor could not find it. We did an X-ray, and my IUD had flipped over! Yeah, I was thrilled with this. He says, "I have been putting these things in for 10 years, and I've never had this happen. I guess I was due." I said, "Glad I could help you out." LOL. We have a great relationship with our doctor. He called a colleague, and told him Theo has "super sperm," and I "lost" my IUD so we need to get it out. LOL.
I had to go to this other doctor with cooler tools, and have it removed. Sounds fun, eh? It was a piece of cake, actually. Painless aside from a few cramps. This doc says it flipped either b/c I have a larger than normal uterus, or an abnormal uterine canal. He checked, and I do not have a larger than normal uterus, so I must have a oddly shaped canal where the fillopian (sp?) tubes are? Anyway, no more small devices are going in there, that's for sure! Even if they are 100% effective.
I'm going back on the pill. Pray it works for another year or two, please!
Had to share my interesting experience with you all.

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