Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat

Yeah! Costume pictures, in the afternoon before trick-or-treating.

Hunter went straight for the sandbox.

Ben went for the swing.
Look at what we found on the top of the swingset... our very own Halloween spider. Theo was meesing around with him, and I got this picture of him. Yeah, I've come a long way from being scared of spiders.

I tried to get a full body picture of Nemo sitting on the grass, and he was NOT having it. He wanted to mow the lawn instead.

I'll settle for this.

Oh my goodness, I love this next picture so much. He's playing peek-a-boo with daddy.

Ben's trying to get Hunter to pose for the camera.

Here Nemo mowing.

I love his little fish tail wagging.

I love how Hunter is looking right at Ben's costume, as if he's making sure it is Ben.
Benjamin was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, but he called himself Captain "Hook" sparrow, b/c the only pirate he really know is Captain Hook from Peter Pan.

Dad took the boys trick-or-treating.

There they go...

And what did I do? I handed out candy to all the little boys and girls--looking like this.

Then Hunter came and sat with me and handed out candy. He loved this, he looked all the little munchkins and ate his M & M's and Reeses pieces he got from his trick or treating. Daddy took Ben a little longer.

After dad went in to put Hunter to sleep, Ben and I handed out candy. He ate some skittles, and a chocolate bar.

Julie, Joey, and Joey's Grandma stopped by, making our evening complete.

One trick or treating mom offered to take a picture of all us together.
Happy Halloween everyone! Wish you were here.


Amy said...

Your kids could not be any cuter. I cannot get over the Nemo costume

leena! said...

I agree with Amy. SOOOO cute!

Julie said...

These pictures are amazing! I was cracking up the whole time... It's so funny to see Ben in his costume because he looks like a little man. The one of him on the swing is priceless! :)