Monday, October 22, 2007

Hunter at Play

Watching Hunter grow has been so thrilling lately. He's very much a little man now, copying his brother, and coming up with his own ideas. Last week I snapped a few pictures of him doing little Hunter-ish things.

Here he's dancing along to Sesame Street. Theo taught him to dance by tapping one foot. So cute he remembered and used it to boogie with the TV songs.

Here Hunter is playing with the die-cast metal Thomas vehicles, they attach with magnets, and he makes these long trains. He's very serious about it, and pouts and screams when they come apart.

Hunter decided he liked all the peek-a-blocks in the window sill.

Hunter also plays rather well with the big boys now. Here, all three boys play with the Bob the Builder vehicles (Ben loves these Auntie Caitlin).

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