Monday, January 14, 2008

There's a theme here.

So I have had a longer than usual week. I watched Babcock's two youngest, ages 3 and 1, yesterday afternoon, and again today. They are angel sweetheart little girls, but my boys are little ruffians, especially when mommy is playing with two other little kiddos. Hunter doesn't "get" sharing yet, and Ben is way too agressive and jealous. And there is nothing easy about watching 4 kids, two age 1, and two age 3; two needy dogs, and a nervous cat. In fact, it's real hard! And do you know how much cleaning I do for little girls? I vacuumed 3 times yesterday b/c Tex is shedding, and I knew the baby would be on the floor crawling and walking and such. I loved watching the girls, and watching Joey in the morning as I usually do, but there is no escaping how tired I am. Last night, for a crazy role-reversal, I fell asleep while Theo was talking.

Did I mention the kids woke us up around 4:20 am? Yeah. Love those kids.

This evening I was so irritable. I had not left the house since last Saturday, so I was suffering from some serious cabin fever. We needed overnight diapers for Ben, and Theo had to run a quick errand, so we headed out. When we got in the car it was 0F. Yes, zero degrees. F-in cold. But still we forged ahead. I grabbed 3 magazines in Walmart, some chocolate to replenish my stash, and some donuts. Chocolate ones. I also bought baking cocoa, in case of a lter crisis. I laughed as I checked out, with my diapers, two plastic storage bins, chocolate and more chocolate, and magazines. I sure told my story to the check-out lady huh? Tomorrow, (I think Joey's coming over, he's like family now, and I'm so comfortable with him being here), I may just stay in some jammies all-day-long, pouring over my magazines, coloring with my kids, maybe baking something? I won't do a lick of responsible stuff. And I think we get our tax return, so maybe Theo will pick up a new TV on his way home from work. RAD! (I have been asking for a big screen LCD since last January, people, this is like a dream come true for me).

When we got home we found out Tex had knocked my whole crock pot onto the floor, shattering it to pieces. There's wasn't even any food left in it, it was just soaking on the counter waiting to washed when we got home. She obviously cut herself in the process... what a incredible mess.

I had cocoa, and donuts, and I'm not feeling the least bit guilty b/c the chocolate is still in the wrappers in the cabinet where it'll stay for awhile. It's a just-in-case kind of thing.

I've worked out this week, and I think I found my ab muscles again on Tuesday night! LOL. I've been hurting bad for two days, but I think I'll lay down and try working those abs out again tomorrow.

The reason I'm babbling, is I bought a new magazine, one even I, the queen of magazines, have not read before: Hallmark magazine... and in it I found the most wonderful blog ever:

This woman's story can be found in the March 2008 Hallmark magazine (I picked up a copy at Walmart, along with two gardening magazines b/c it tis' the season). She's pretty inspiring (hint, she was hit by a garbage truck!) I am hooked, and if I could get wireless internet in my bedroom I think I might lay awake all night reading her blog. She inspires me to write, create, and just be thankful. Good, good stuff, kids.

First, I've decided to learn to knit while Theo is deployed. I've made this promise to myself several times, but I am really going to do it this time... b/c there is a chunky knit blanket in Hallmark magazine I could never afford, but if I could make them... well I'd fill my house with them, yo. Yes, I just said, "yo" ala Dan Evers, LOL. Miss him. Anyhoot... I'm learning to knit. Nuf said.

Happy Night To You all. I'm going to brush the donut off my teeth & sleep.

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