Monday, January 28, 2008


The precious angel-boy I babysit, Joey, gave me and the family a generous gift certificate to Fuddrucker's for Christmas. Talk about the greatest gift! I hadn't been to this place in years. For those of you not local to one, this place serves massive hamburgers on fresh baked buns. They have great fresh cut potato fries, and a decent milksake, too. Tonight I had chili, and it was pretty yum, too. The boys have loved our multiple visits (3 times on one gift card!). Can you believe my kids love a chocolate milkshake? LOL.

I was so glad I remembered my camera this time. The restaurant itself is filled with memorabilia, mostly classic cars, elvis, and blue's brothers stuff. The boys seem to enjoy the quirky decor. Last time we were there Ben looked up and said, "Mom, cars don't go up high. Ladies don't either. Just airplanes." Tonight, when we walked in, Ben asked, "Mom, who is that guy?" in reference to an Elvis statue in the foyer; as we rounde the corner he anxiously wanted to know who the blue's brothers were as well. Once at our table, Hunter said, "Up. Car." as he noticed the decorated ceiling.
Here are a few items near our table I enjoyed:
Something about this picture of Elvis makes me all sorts of excited. I might want to frame this in my house?
This is an old bed headboard used to divide tables. Cute idea.
I wanted to get a picture of Ben by the wall of Elvis paraphenalia. Remember his grandma predicted he would be born a blonde-haired blue-eyed Elvis; I blogged about that here.
Hunter thinks, "Okay, mom, sit down so the guy can bring my milksake already!"

The milkshakes arrive and all is right with the world:

My bubbies even held up his own glass for a little while.
Dad and Ben topped off dinner with a race. Ben informed me they ran over dinosaurs in their race car. Cool. Hunter took a quick spin, too.
After dinner I ran in the Grand Opening of the new Hobby Lobby by us. SIMPLE JOY, people. I went in last night and got garden trinkets, a few pieces of scrap paper, a $3 set of foam stamps, and a book on embroidery for beginners. Tonight I ran back in grabbing an angel statue for the garden; Ben picked it out last night, and I felt bad for not buying it, so I went back for it.
The event went something like this: We're walking up and down the aisles in awe of the 40,000 different garden statues, mirror balls, flower pots, metal decor, etc. Ben says, "Mom, what are all of these naked kids?" Me: "They're angels, Ben. These are statues people put in their garden. Should mommy get an angel for our garden?" "Oh. Okay. You should get this naked one reading a book, mom. I like that one." "Okay, Ben." Moments later I spot an angel holding a bird in her hand, and I can't help but put the book-reading one back, and buy the bird one.
So after my trip back there tonight we now have two. Could be worse, huh? By the way, for those of you who are not parents yet, this is MOTHER GUILT. It eats me alive somedays.
I also went into Home Depot tonight to get paint for the armoire I bought off of craiglist this week. Theo and Brent brought it home to tonight. I am so thrilled. The armoire is solid wood, slightly primitive, with a scalloped trim on the bottom, two doors, and a large drawer on the bottom. Right now it's white, but soon it will Ralph Lauren Cottage Green, (on my computer screen this color looks quite different than it does in real-life), hopefully with a black glaze in the crevices, and a nice satin topcoat by the end of this week. Lots of preparation to take place as far as sanding and such. Plus, I have to get some new drop cloths, the ones I have suck. In the end this baby will house my scrap stuff. Happiness.
Hope you all have a great Thursday!

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