Monday, January 14, 2008

Huddle for warmth.

It is so cold here, people! Last night it was -12F, that is 42 degrees below freezing! I can't even really imagine how it can get that cold? The boys' stuffed animals were frozen to the window in their bedroom, and I could actaully push the slush on the inside of the window around with my finger. Our bedroom windows are so covered in ice (on the outside) that we can only see out of a small spot. The dogs panted on the front window and left a patch of ice on the outside. Our 114 year-old-house is a tad drafty, can you tell? If you don't keep moving, or drinking hot beverages, you'll freeze.

I have noticed I am becoming a true Wisconsinite (no, the pounds I blubber I've added since we moved here don't make that title official, there is more to it). The other night I loaded groceries from the cart into the car without a coat or gloves, and it was dark and windy and cold. I didn't mind one bit. Last week I was picking up sticks from the yard, right out of the snow without gloves on, and the snow did not phase my bare hands. These are true signs I'm adapting.

Here are some random pictures from our weekend:

I have been trying to lure cardinals, and it's worked. I researched, added sunflowers still in the seed, and now the red birds have come. This is right out our front window.

Last night I actually lit candles for warmth. I swear it worked. I also had to pull out the really cold weather tools: this snowflake cup with tea light underneath ensures your drink doesn't get too cool, even if the air around you is.

Sunday morning Dad got donuts; Hunter stole all the frosting off Dad's, Ben's and his own (mom's donuts did not have frosting, but if they did, Hunter would have found it, for sure). Here is Hunter up close, post donut, with snot and all.

Dad and Hunter started this new thing where Theo makes a wide open funny face at Hunter, and Hunter does it back. It's way cute.
Here's Ben, just being adorable Ben.
Saturday we went and did some more TV research, and looked at Antique malls for some furniture options. It was sunny, and Ben wanted to bring his giraffe glasses. He wore them in the car the whole day.
Hope you all had a nice warm weekend!

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