Monday, January 14, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

I've been trying to grow African Violets for years now; they usually do well for awhile and then look less then exciting. I had all but given up. But I love the violet flowers, so I did everything I could. I had the special pot so they could bottom feed (you can't water a violet from the top, they have to be watered from beneath, and at their own pace). They need special violet fertilizer in the water, they can't get wet, and they need to be far from any possible exposure to gas, say from a pilot light on the stove, etc. They also can't have direct sunlight, just indirect bright light, afternoon is supposedly best. Too complicated right? But so worth the reward if you can figure it out. I think I finally have. This is the best looking violet I've ever seen; better than those at the nursery! I've never seen one bloom so much at once, and have such great color. I'm so thrilled with this plant right now, I had to share.

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