Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggin while joggin...

well, not really. but I am on the elliptical in my bedroom! I have trainer jillian in my head saying 'do not hold on to the machine!' but I keep going b/c I could be downstairs watching tv and eating chocolate, or scrapbooking on my fat ass. I'm sweating, and it hurts, so I know its working. I have been on here 41 minutes, too. Yay, me.

So Theo had class tonight, and I was alone with the kiddies. I could not help but think that in 8 months this will be the norm (as he heads overseas for another 12 month deployment). Ben helped me ake brownies, which he was rewarded with after he cleaned up his trains, and Hunter helped me vacuum. We sang some sing-along songs, and danced in the kitchen. When he is not here, I feel like I have to overcompnsate and be enough. Be both daddy and mommy. I don't know how this will work wit 2 kids, ages then 4 and 2, both old enough to ask questions and wonder and worry with me.

I try not let this weigh on me yet, for I still have 8 months with my whole family, and I must remember, as the military pamphlets suggest, to make things here as normal as possible while we still can. I feel so much stronger going into this one. I'm sure Theo does, too. I felt I should document this emotion, and share with you all.

If anyone wants to plan trips up here to keep me company (I swear Katie and Amy kept me going last time!) I would love to see you. When we get closer, I'll start reminding you all. Often.

Still going on this machine. I think I'll browse Two Peas.

EDITTED: When Theo was deployed last time, poor Leena and Adam visited a week before I popped Hunter out. I was as big as a house, but they made sure to stuff me full of good food and love. I even had Adam takes pictures of my hugeness. I didn't realize they would home from Australia in time to come and visit when Theo's away again. Hey Leena, Hunter likes the dark chocolate, too. And he eats spicy stuff like it's nothing. You'll love putting him through chunky education. LOL. I miss you guys so much!


Amy G said...

Trust me, I will MAKE a trip happen when Theo isn't there (if not sooner!:) if I have to drag the girls into my car:)

And, really, if some weekend in the summer you want to take a trip into the city, Seth and I would love to hang out with all of you - go to the Lincoln Park (free) zoo or something, we could even ride the "L" which Ben would probably LOVE (and maybe if you and Theo wanted to do a nice dinner out in the city, we'd be ok with babysitting for a few hours. Well, I would. And Seth needs to learn sometime or another cuz now that I'm hitting 30 in a month and a half, it's bizarre, but suddenly the "clock" is kickin' in. I know it really should and will be another 2 years at least so we can get things together financially, let the housing market get stronger so we get more when we sell our condo and move, so Seth can pass more of his actuarial (professional) exams, etc. but 2 years goes fast...)

Anyway, I've rambled on enough!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I want to come too!!! God willing, in 8 months I'll be suffering from morning sickness, but perhaps after the nausea passes I can make it over for a visit and we can scrap our little hearts out. ;)


leena! said...

Hey lady, last time when Theo was gone, I made you chili, an entire roasted chicken AND I brought you Ethiopian food. We're back in May, so you better believe we are gonna be visiting and probably making you a crap ton of food. Oh, and of course we'll be bringing you ample supplies of dark chocolate. Get excited.