Monday, January 14, 2008

Plays together nicely.

Ben and Hunter have been playing peacefully more often each day. Sure there are moments when harmony is far from the state they are in, like when Ben tells Hunter, "No, you go to Tim out Hunter!" And Hunter does, because he doesn't know Ben's not the boss, right? But mostly, they're interactions are improving. I have evidence, as usual.

Playing with trains is one activity the boys can do side by side joyfully. There are enough trains and stops on the track to avoid the "I want that one" conflict. These pictures are from a week or so ago.

Of course, I snapped more pics of Hunter alone playing. His chubby little hands are just so irrestible to me.

Here's one of Ben sporting his new haircut.
The boys also play well with the Cars race track. Again, enough different cars to choose from so we avoid the fight.
I had to include the Doodle-Pro pics. The boys bought this with a gift card from Auntie Caitlin and Nana Cindy. They love it! So cute to see Hunter drawing.
I can't do a post about the boys getting along well without including a tidbit on Joey. He's just so incredible with Hunter. Sure, him and Ben play really great together, too, but Joey has the patience to interact and teach Hunter things. By looking at the pictures here, Joey is teaching Hunter words from the book.

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