Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Benny's got a boo-boo.

So Ben's happily playing trains in the kitchen with Joey, and he comes to me whining that he doens't feel good. I suggest going potty, he tries, and it's a no-go. He continues to whine, saying his "hips hurt." I looked at him doubtfully, and said, "Ben, where are your hips?" He points to them, sure enough, "right here." So I tell him to lay on the sofa for awhile. I went and sat next to him, and felt his head, and he was burning up. I took off his socks, and flannel, grabbed the thermometer, and Julie, who was just picking up Joey, helped me get a good armpit temp of 102. I gave him some tylenol, and sent him up to nap. I called Theo and suggest he come home & take Ben in to urgent care.

Sure, Ben's had plenty of fevers, but this one just came on so suddenly, and he was so lethargic, it alarmed me. Sure he's been extra whiny lately, but this was just too strange. For Ben to fall asleep on the sofa is big; he's done this maybe 4 times in his whole life. Ben woke up after a half hour of napping, ran into my room, and shouted, "Mom, I feel much better now!" So good to see him smiling, and happy.
In the Urgent Care waiting room Ben made friends with some little chubby kindergarten girl. They sat on the floor of the waiting room talking. The girl said something about it not being Christmastime anymore. Ben corrected her, "Yes it is. There is still snow on the ground." She said there wasn't any snow left at her house, and Ben added, "Well, there's still snow at my house, you can come and play in the snow at my house." She said her snow pants are at her school and then she invited Ben to join her at school tomorrow. How priceless is that.
Turns out fevers that are caused by knee and hip pain in children his age are common. I'll be looking into this more on the internet tomorrow. He's totally fine now, Dad got him a milkshake on the way home, and a "hamburger with no yellow stuff." Theo says, "Okay Ben, I'll get you a hamburger with no yellow stuff," to which Ben replies, "No Daddy, you will say mustard." He's so funny right now.
The milkshake straw broke before he got home, so we replaced it with "a green one" from our drawer at home per his request. Just FYI" as soon as Ben abadoned his milkshake, Hunter moved in to polish it off. LOL.
I took a few pictures of him sleeping; it's not everyday a 3 year old is this peaceful.

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