Monday, January 14, 2008

Hubby Bubby

I saw this "Hubby Tag" on blog I linked from two peas, and I just had to fill it out! Theo says he gets "mad" when I write about him on the blog, but really, he's lying. He is If I don't pay maximum amounts of attention to him, even when he is not here, he gets so bothered he pouts. He truly loves to hear about himself, so this should be right up his alley:

What's his name? Theodore Clinton Rex
How long did you date? February 14th 2001-Thanksgiving Eve 2001, 9 months before engagement.
How old is he? 26 years young
Who eats more? Me, totally. I usually clean his plate. I am bottomless pit.
Who said "I love you" first? I think me. I'm so bad at remembering these things. I should call him and ask, hold on. Oh well, he was in the middle of something at work (how dare he work!) He said he didn't know either. I think I said it first, in our kitchen at the Moss house. He said it back right away, wherever we were.
Who is taller? Him. I'm a shorty, and he often makes fun of me. If he's in shoes, and I'm bare or sock-footed he laughs at short I am compared to him.
Who sings better? Um. Me. I've had training though. He can carry a tune, but he doesn't obsess over singing like I do. I think if he took the time to study music he could sing really well. I love it when I catch him singing along to the radio (it's rare). He once sang Scar's song from the Lion King at school, I think Middle School. I wish I could have seen that!
Who is smarter? Him. Hands down. He knows everything, and it drives me crazy! I'm a smart cookie, don't get me wrong, but Theo is like genious material people. He's incredible with numbers, knows everything about science, he aces tests with unusually high scores, he remembers all sorts of jokes and useful information and can access facts from his memory in no time. He always wins at every game we play, always.
Who does the laundry? I do mostly, but once in awhile he'll switch a couple loads for me. He'll do all the laundry a few times a year, but we fold different, so it ends up driving me crazy. Since the Army switched to the new uniforms he had been washing his work clothes. They require so muany little details, I'm afraid to mess them up. When my fibromyalgia isn't bothering me I actually love doing laundry. When the baskets are super-duper havy he carries them up from the basement to our upstairs area.
Who does the dishes? Right now, he does them all. I have excema, and too much water makes my hands crack and bleed in the winter. This morning he left for work at like 4am and he did dishes before he left. Yeah, he's pretty special.
Who pays the bills? Now, he does. We've traded this task throughout the years. When we had credit cards in years past, I took care of the bills. Each time I sat down I got so depressed, and angry it affected my whole day. When we got rid of the credit cards I took over, and it was a peaceful things for me; he was in Iraq, so I had no choice. However, as of late we do a lot of stuff online, which intimidates me, and causes to me to freak out, so he takes care of the bills now. I'm great at taking time with bills, making sure we don't skip anything, and I enjoy budgeting. He does a lot of it in his head, and is known to forget to mail stuff. I'm a note-taker-list-maker-type, and I hate being late or making any mistake. I'm one of those that reads every single charge on the cell phone bill. We're better off if he does the bills. Last night he said he'll have all the bills set up to auto-withdrawl by the time he leaves for the Middle East this fall. Thank goodness.
Who mows the lawn? He likes to, but I've begged him to let me do it a few times. He wears the most insane get-ups when he mows. He's mowed in shorts and knee-high rubber boots before. I have pictures. He usually wears his old Army boots and shorts, which looks ridiculous! We make mowing a family event usually. Hunter mows with his little mower, Ben runs around, and I clear the yard furniture and such.
Who cooks dinner? Mostly me, but he'll do at least one night a week. This month he's made stuffed peppers, and hamburger stroganoff. When there is decent meat involved he does the meat and I do the sides. I don't know how to work our gas grill, so he'll grill when that's part of the meal. He's made great shrimp dinner in the past, too. Last Sunday he made a turkey, sweet potatos, stuffing, and mashed potatos all by himself (remember, I was cleaning the sofas, scrubbing the dog, etc.) Here's a funny Theo story: Back in November he tried to surprise me by making chocolate chip cookies. He did so great except I don't have my ingredient labelled and he used 2 1/4 cups of powdered sugar in place flour! I went to sample the dough and I was alarmed by how sugary it was. I started adding flour to counter the sugar, but I just could not get it to taste right. We baked them, and they turned out a little like soft peanut brittle. It wasn't until later when we were discussing things that we realized what had happened.
Who drives when you are together? Him. He hates the way I drive. We drove across county to California in September and I spen zero seconds behind the wheel. I offered, and he refused, driving 16 hours or more in a single day.
Who is more stubborn? Well, if that last questions is any indication, he's pretty stubborn. I am too. I think overall I am more stubborn, but I will admit when I'm wrong immediately, as it feels like a relief to just end the conflict, whereas Theo will fight it and fight it until he's backed-into a corner and has to admit he's wrong.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first, the first night we met. He says I was shaking; he's right b/c I was so scared to kiss him.
Who asked whom out first? On Valentine's Day in 2001 I was eating a late lunch with my cousin Leslie, and Theo was our host and then waiter in the bar at Chili's on University in Peoria. I liked his butt right away. I found him so charming. Leslie indicated that I seemed to have him "in the palm of my hand" as we were ordering, etc. I didn't think so. Then he seemed to show interest in me, asking lots of questions and what not. Leslie encouraged me to leave him my phone number. I had NEVER done anything so forward before (at least not sober, and coherently). I wrote my number on our receipt and said that I wished he had a better Valentine's Day (we had both just broken up with long-term partners).
Who proposed? He did. In the most romantic way possible. I noticed his money was vanishing, and I suspected foul play, I was starting to get snippy with him about it, and he actually called my BFF Caitlin and told her to tell me to chill about the money for a bit, that I would not be sorry. I reluctantly agreed. A month later, the night before Thanksgiving, at 10pm after a long night of grad school seminars, I called Theo to some and get me early from school. I was so sick, frm diet pills and lack of eating, and I just needed to get in bed. He said I would have to wait. I was so mad, it was a cool night, and I just needed to get home and sleep. He picked me up a while later, drove home, and parked around the corner from our house. He made me wait in the truck. I was so mad b/c it felt like my stomach was eating itself! He came back moments later and led me to the front gate of our apartment complex where I found a long stem red rose stuck in the gate. Fresh red rose petals were on the steps, leading to the apartment door. I opened the door, and he'd built a wall with streamers, forcing me to turn up the steps and follow the red rose petals. He lined the whole path with tea lights, too. When I got upstairs there were heart shaped balloons, more roses, and more candles. On the bed he used our breakfast in bed tray to hold a tiny box, with a ring in it. The box was lit, and the light inside the box lit up all the way to our vaulted ceilings. The bed was covered in roses, but I was crying for joy long before I figured out he's spelled "Will you marry me?" in rose petals on our white bed spread. I said yes, kissed him, and fell asleep sick moments later. I regret being sick on that night more than anything, but the next day on Thanksgiving we were like two kids on Christmas morning, and we had a great day. The family had champagne and we celebrated.
Who is more sensitive? Me, all the way. I am too sensitive. I'll tell him when something is striking a cord with me, just so there is no gray area. He's sensitive, too, but when something is bothering him, he doesn't let on until later.
Who has more friends? I think me, but in all fairness, I've moved around so much, and made friends in so many areas, I have the advantage. Theo has never been the type to let too many people close to him. He's also really judgemental, so people have to be pretty well-rounded and good to earn his acceptance. He also doesn't keep in touch that well, whereas I like to write & talk to keep in touch with people more.
Who has more siblings? We both have one biological younger brother. Theo has 3 older step-brothers, too.
Who wears the pants in the family? I think we share one giant pair of pants. On one hand, I'm controlling. You've heard, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" On the other hand, the Army dictates the way things go around here more than anyone. Theo's work takes him away for weeks and months at a time; sometimes a year as you know, and we can never say no, so the Army controls us all. On a micro-level, I wear the pants. If we have a rare day of nothing to do, my hobbies, desires, and interests are usually tended to b/c it allows me time to get away from the kids. I'm the one who is home all the time, so the way things are organized and decorated around here is all to my liking, too. But nothing, I mean, nothing is done without Theo's consent. When Theo was deployed the guys in Theo's unit used to to laugh b/c I would ask before I spent any money, even $30 at the craft store. Before any decisions are made Theo has to approve. To summarize, the Army controls us as a group, I control the house and activites, and Theo approval is met before any actions are taken, always. If that makes sense.

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