Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Bahkk! Bahkk!"

Hunter's world revolves around vacuuming. Anytime we enter the bathroom he heads straight for the vacuum closet and barks at me, "Bahkk! Bahkk!" which in Hunter means "Vacuum!" He throws himself on the floor screaming if I say it's not time. He'll spend countless minutes imaginaging he's vacuuming even when I'm not with him. He's intense about it, angry if something is in his way. When we vacuum together he copies me, stretching his little arms out as far as he can underneath things, moving chairs out of our way. If he gets stuck, and can't fit his vacuum through a certain spot, he panics, yelling, "Stuck!" Yesterday he threw a half dozen handfuls of dirt from a planter, and came and hung from my pants yelling for me to get the vacuum. I think I've made it clear, he LOVES his vacuum.

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