Monday, January 28, 2008

Cabinet Rehab

Actual post date Tuesday February 5th 2008.

So, I finished the cabinet I have been working on. I bought it off Craigslist looking like this. I had many choices... I could have kept it like this, distressed it further, painted it any color, stripped it completely and stained it. In the end, I decided to paint it a rustic green color (as I already blogged about). I once had the white shabby chic look throughout my house, but with little bys the look is just NOT practical. You can see the trim is coming off, so I removed it all together.

My tools:
Removed the sticky paper lining they had in there...
Toby watched in awe.
I found these decals under the paper... various spanish scenes, burros and sombreros.
All the lining is removed now, and I'm disapointed to find the spanish decals are not as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped.

All done! Here is all painted, and in position in our bedroom:

I painted portions of the inside, but left the terra cotta color on the doors. I put a coat of water-based poly over the top to seal it up. You can see it houses everything nicely, with room for more. I think I'll store my sewing machine, fabric and knitting and embroidery goodies in here, too.

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