Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Spending

This is the new TV we've been dreaming about forever it seems. We have the same TV since we moved to California many moons ago. Our new TV is a Samsung 42 inch Plasma. So happyily we'll have functioning in HD by the Superbowl... anyone local need a place to watch the game?

And this is the moment I've been waiting for. For the last decade or so I've coveted mini-bentwood twig chairs, only dreaming of the real thing. I also have several bentwood plant holders, etc. You've probably figured out I'm bound & determined to live in a log cabin someday. This furniture will be in my lodge garden someday. So thrilled I ran out in the -15 degree windchills and did a little happy dance as Theo and Brent unloaded it.

See my glee?

Came with a coffee table, side table, sofa, and rocker (where I'm sitting above).

I bought a lacquer to protect the pieces from the elements. Come spring this set of furniture will be on my back porch. Yipee. I am happy dancing on the inside and out.

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