Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Sledding

Saturday was snowy, causing slushy slick roads, so we stayed in all day. Our taxes have still not come, we're thinking Tuesday now. While we were home, I did pull out the needle and thread. I sewed up a few pairs of American Eagle socks I have had for 5 years now, as well as some slippers. I also saved a large stuffed bear from malnourishment, as he was getting quite thin from the boys pulling his stuffing out of two holes; now he's ready to be tossed about again. I tried to wake up and make the family muffins, but ran into a problem as my finger began to turn blue--I had a ring stuck to it. Tight. I iced my finger while Theo finished the muffins. Later, after the pain from yanking at the finger subsided, I used butter to get the ring off. Ouchy! I must have been bloated something fierce huh, perhaps from the ham, potatos and egg and cheese salad I shoveled into my mouth Friday night? Theo made lunch as I slaved over a half a dozen loads of laundry. ;) I cleaned out the entry closet, too. A very uneventful day, nice to just be home and get things done.

Sunday morning we woke up to sunny skies, and fresh powder on the ground, so I made sure sleeding was on our agenda. First, I dragged everyone kicking and screaming to an antique mall in Walworth (one of my favs). I didn't find any substantial piece worth coming back for right now; except maybe a wall hanging quilt rack composed of this great beat up wood, we'll see. I found oodles of small things I loved, including a paint by number moose print now high on my wish list. I also saw some garden goodies, and inspiring handmade Valentine's crafts including doilies w/ embroirdery framed. I came home and pulled out all of my vintage linens & doilies so I can try to make one myself. I also decorated for Valentine's Day, adding a few red things here and there, and some glass hearts. Not much to show...

Sunday night I scored a hutch off a craigslist, to be picked up later this week. SCORE! I ran into Home Depot and picked up woodsy forest green colors to paint it. So pumped about a paiting project!

Sledding was well-worth photographing:

Hunter was not too thrilled with the toddler sled. He's supposed to sit in it and get pulled. We lost the seat belt, so Hunter will not stay put. He turned into a noodle and screamed like he was dying. So, no sledding on the toddler sled for little man.

Back in mommy's arms, all is well.

Theo decided to take Hunter down the big hill. He didn't like that very much either.

Probably b/c they landed like this:

Hunter runs and says, "See ya, daddy-o. F that hill!"

Ben makes a snow angel.
Looks like an angel huh? See, for a Californian this sort of thing is still thrilling.

Here are Ben and Dad doing the big hill over and over:

And here goes mom with Ben up the big hill (I'm the first one in the green jacket with huge-normous ass... yup.
Here we go...
Off to the side, not where I wanted to go...
And we turned backwards, perhaps from the weight of that huge ass? There is another kid we don't know next to us, and he obvisouly had it right... he's still going. LOL.
Still loads of fun though...
Hope you all had fantastic weekends!

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