Monday, January 14, 2008

Movie Time and Ben's Drawing

Yesterday morning around 10am the boys asked to watch a movie. We popped some popcorn, and they piled up in front of Nemo; they looked so cute I could not resist sneaking a picture.

In the afternoon Ben began trying to draw. He's had these sketch magnadoodle things since Christmas, but I think it just occured to him how they work... he really did a good job of drawing Mater here:

Oh, and look at what Hunter learned how to do. Yeah, I love this.

Check me and my nerdy unstyled bangs out. Sometimes I'm so goofy looking I make myself laugh. That smile could be saying, 'Har, Har.'

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scrapperjen said...

Hi! Visiting from Peas...
Your boys are adorable. Love the drawings - I'm impressed!
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Have a GREAT week!