Tuesday, January 8, 2008

He stole my PBnJ!

You may have noticed my little Hunter is a little chubby. He likes him some food. Hunter and I were sitting at the table enjoying two small PBnJ sandwiches (on light bread) this afternoon. I was admiring how cute his little chunky finger looked stuffing sandwich squares between his cheeks. I got up and ran to get the camera, and came back to my sandwhich not nestled on Hunter's plate. Sneaky lil' stinker. He does this to Ben all the time; if Ben turns his back, Huner dumps all of Ben's food into his bowl. So funny.

After I got my sandwich back I took these pictures of Hunter chowing.

This is the best... I had a sing-along song CD in the kitchen radio, and as he was eating he began rocking out. This is how Hunter dances: he leans his body awkwardly, and bobs his head in a jerky fashion. I know I've mentioned it before, but this is much better picture of him dancing.


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leena! said...

Jamie, you know that chunky is a state of mind, and you can't blame Hunter from being chunky at an early age! I wanted to give him a long distance high five when I read that he steals food from Ben! It sounds like something I might have done to Adam once or twice...or thirty times...

BTW, I love Biggest Loser too. What is it about watching people lose weight that is so darn exciting??