Monday, January 14, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The boys have been asking for cookies a lot this last week, likely because December was pretty filled with cookies... However, I am doing rather well on Weight Watchers and would like to avoid the temptation of baking for as long as possible. Yesterday, I decided I can't deprive my kids of treats just b/c I can't control myself. FYI: I didn't lose any more weight this week, but I didn't gain either.

So yesterday I baked the boys some chocolate chip cookies. I had one and half myself, but I mad just enough for us to have a cookie snack, left one for Dad in a baggie, and froze the dough--next time the boys need a cookie I can crack open the freezer and make some in a jiffy. The less time the dough is out, the less time for temptation. Win-win situation.

I had to share something about Ben and these cookies. I think it's standard: little boys and dirt go hand in hand. Ben is the exception. For the most part, he doesn't like to get dirty; and he loves to get clean. When I served the cookies Ben promptly asked for a fork. I informed him that he could eat the cookie with his hands.

As snack time progressed I realized I needed to take some pictures. Here are Hunter and Joey enjoying their cookies like little boys should:

This is Joe after just one cookie. LOL.

I don't know what Hunter thinks that napkin is accomplishing? LOL.
And here is my darling Benjamin as clean as can be. Hilarious, huh? I can't even eat one of these hot melty cookies without getting massive chocolaty goodness on my hands... how did he do that?

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