Monday, January 7, 2008

Get Organized: Before Pictures of my Creative Space

I show you these photos to delineate what "Enjoying the Process" looks like. My scrap space can be found beside the our bed, tucked beside my elliptical trainer. There is clutter in abundance, and to a point, I like clutter. I enjoy stuff, and surround my creative space with textures and objects and colors to inspire me. When I let the space get to the point where I can't fit my feet beneath the desk anymore, I succumb to cleaning, reluctantly. These pictures were

I have a photo collage under the glass top to my desk, and I had to share this with Caitlin: This is my brother Jason, and Caitlin's brother Dylan. I would guess in this picture that Jason is about 10, and Dylan is about 7? They are at a mutual friend's birthday party. Dylan turned 16 a few weeks ago, and Jason is 19 now.

Here you can see more of the collage, including Caitlin, Jason and Eddie, Leena and Adam, Alison, my cousin Juliet, Aidan, the girls from Chicago: Katie, Jocelyn, Amy, Maria, Julie, and some magazine clippings. Caitlin, if you click on this image, and enlarge it, you can see the life-guard tower picture I was telling you about, it's just under the picture of Dylan and Jason.

Look at this mess.

last week I made a Christmas card. Timely huh?
I also have Hunter's very first mixed-media artwork displayed. LOL. He about died when he saw these Barney stickers on my desk! he threw his baba and scaled the chair and desk in record time.

Stacks and stacks of chaos.

I am sorry Jason, I have to share this picture with the world. I look at this picture every day and it brings a cheesey grin to my face. Just wait until I get a new scanner and can post this picture in all it's glory. LOL.

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