Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mornin' everyone. Hope all is well. We're doing good here. Watching Peter Pan right now. I'm really craving poor food choices and I've already had breakfast, so I'm trying to keep busy. I've been watering the plants (keep in mind, I have like 60 so this is a big task), and I'm getting ready to straighten our upstairs, making the bed and such while the boys play in the play room.

Last night we watched the Biggest Loser. This couples season has been pretty interesting. I was so bummed the brown team was eliminated. I liked them so much more than the yellow team. I agree with the idea that the brown team was more equipped to make it at home than the yellow team, but I think Mallory, the female on the brown team, really needed a little more help from the trainers. I hope the end of the season she has lost more weight than they showed she had on the update at shows end. Her husband, on the other hand, looks as though he's well on his way to getting the health insurance he wanted. The yellow team is lucky to have another week, especially after the male on the team pigged out at the temptation. What is up with that?

The part of the show where they showed the couples footage of themselves talking about their pre-show eating habits was pretty intense. I cried. I think it was the mother in me. As a mom, I don't know why I can't seem to eat healthy all the time. My kids need me to be here as long as I can be, thus I should control what I can control: my eating habits, exercises, etc. With how much I have been sick this last month I have not been to the gym nearly as much as I should have been. In fact, I think we can count gym trips on hand since I started losing weight. Tonight, as long as my cold continues to get better and not worse, we'll be headed to the YMCA. It's hard to work out when you can't breathe without coughing up a portion of your lung. LOL. I've been keeping busy at home, cleaning, reorganizing, etc.

Actually I feel much better now. I slept decent most of the night. I came down around midnight to douse my throat in chloroseptic b/c I was having a cough fit I could not contain. I also got up to pee about 3 times b/c I drank a gallon on water last night. Otherwise, I think 2 long nights of sleep are helping me battle this cold right on out of me.

Theo did so well his first week watching his caloric intake. He might kill me for telling everyone he lost 4.5 lbs But I am so proud of him. He's really thinking about food this time, and working out. This morning he left early to play basketball against the Navy guys who share the building with him. The Army guys won, and Theo said he was able to keep up & his foot did not hurt at all. So cool, after all his foot has been through, that he can play full court basketball again.

So I'll let you know how much I get in at the gym. Wish me luck. I think working out will help this cold be gone!

I'll leave you with a picture with a little appreciated part of our house, the stairwell. I looked out from our bedroom window the other day, paused, and smiled at how much I love my home. These are my grandmother Ivy's quilts & the boys' baby quilt is over the banister, some of my prized possessions. I also love the candle chandelier. Those are the very first hydrangeas I had in my garden, and also the very first ones I dried myself. I bought that vase for decor at the Moss House, so it brings back nice college memories. And what's not to love about a wall of pictures of family in shabby chic frames?

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