Monday, March 3, 2008

Papa's Funeral

As you know, we attended a funeral for my Papa Daum last week. I felt odd about taking picture at a funeral, but I used the manner museum mode on my camera which is silent and does not use a flash. If you weren't straring at me, you would not know I was taking pictures. I took the camera out for a few seconds, and then put it away. I took the photos so my mom and Jason could see the funeral, among other family members.

The viewing/wake was very peaceful. The family brought food, and the facility was big enough that people could go from room to room chatting, telling stories and consoling one another. So many people came to pay their respects, it seemed someone was there at all times from 2-8pm.
This fireplace was so comforting.
The boys loved getting to spend so much time with their Uncle Kevin and Papa Dave. The Daum boys all wore the Bolo ties for Papa, and they looked very handsome. Kevin looked just like Papa.
Papa looked very much at peace. We added our own family touches, with his cubs hat, a bottle beer, his notepad and pen, and several stuffed animals to represent each grandchild and great grandchild. Papa wore his leather vest, a demin Swede's shirt (his favorite bar), and one of his token bolo ties. The picture of him in the flower arrangement is what the family refers to as his "James Dean" picture.
At the funeral Papa's sister spoke, and so did Dave and Kevin. I had to take Hunter out of the room b/c he was getting distractingly loud, so I missed their speeches, but I loved that the Pastor who led the service asked us not to take the kids out of the room, he almost yelled at Theo to "sit down young man!" b/c the kids belonged there. So cool.
Aunt Di and I made some collages with pictures of Papa. I think the collages served as a nice way to spark conversation and remember Papa. The big cardboard picture attached to my board is a picture Jason drew for Papa when he was little--it's a picture of Papa's dog whitey. So cute.
All of the flowers were beautiful. These were from my mom and Jason.
After the funeral service we went to Beggar's Pizza for some food, and beer, naturally. The boys pigged out, and even saved room for ice cream (the waitress thought of the ice cream and brought out to them). Papa would have wanted us to have a nice casual gathering for him, just like this.

Just some more picture of Kevin at the pizza place.
Benjamin became so attached to his Auntie Di this week. He chased her all around. Even at the pizza place he would not let her rest. He fell asleep in her arms there.
Even though a funeral is a pretty somber setting one joyous thing for me was meeting Leslie's fiance, Chris. So cool! He seemed like a wonderful gentleman, and I can't wait to get to know him better.
I don't ever drink, and I had about 7 beers in 2 hours, including one Old Style for Papa while we were there. I also had some deep dish chicago style pizza, my very favorite and rare treat. Ben and Hunter were ready for a long nap after the whole event. I was so impressed with how well they behaved through the whole thing.

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