Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Visitors, Easter Bunny, Chicago and more...

My mom, brother Jason, and his girlfriend Alyssa are visiting from San Pedro, CA this week. We've already celebrated the Easter Bunny visiting, got Alyssa hooked on antiquing, and made a trip to Il. to see some colleges Alyssa is contemplating.

Yesterday we went to Chicago to show Alyssa Northwestern and Uof I at Chicago, the city, and to also see my BFF Katie in a Second City Mainstage show. I snapped a few random pictures throughout the day, and I thought I'd share.

Here's Alyssa in her very first snow fall. Isn't she adorable?
Me, happy to be in the city. We had just left a used book store where I found a Harold and the Purple Crayon book for the kids (my fav when I was a little girl).
Headed to Michigan Ave.

In front of Tiffanys. The bracelet of my dreams is in there, but its about $3000 too expensive.

We walked up and down Michigan Ave.

Lunch/Dinner at Giordano's Pizzeria. Yumminess. Chicago style deep dish pizza goodness.

On Lake Michigan, in Evanston, near the Northwestern campus.

So pretty. Not many people realize that Lake Michigan looks just like the ocean. There are volleyball nets, lifeguard towers, and sand.

Alyssa stands by this Northwestern arch. Beautiful.

A beautiful building on the campus, possibly where her political science department is.

Saw this on a cab, and it made me smile.
Jason and Alyssa in front of Giordanos.
The outside of Second City. Katie was awesome. I was like a gushing mother, I laughed and cried a little happiness to see my friend doing her thing. Love, love, love.
Before the show.
Before I was drunken from 4 beers.
I feel revitalized to have been in the city for a bit, and I had such a great time seeing the show with Katie. Thank you so much, girl. I hope we can do that again soon!
Hope you all are having a happy weekend. More to come.

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