Friday, March 7, 2008

Chef Ben's Cookie Pizza

I couldn't wait to post the pictures of Ben's baking adventure last night. Grandma Anita sent a pizza-making kit for Ben on Valentine's Day. I had stuck in the cabinet for a rainy day b/c we did not have to ingredients to make a pizza, and Ben would hardly understand that once he saw the cool kit. Last night Ben was browsing the cupboards and found the kit. We had already eaten dinner, so I thought we'd use the kit to make a dessert pizza instead. Soon Ben was strapping on the apron that came with his kit, and Hunter was pulling a chair counterside, so we could get to work on an M & M cookie pizza.

The boys helped me with the ingredients, using the measuring devides from the kit, as well as some from my drawer, and they watched as the mixer made it all come togther. Those are clean dishes drying in the sink, for the record. LOL.

I used the little baking pizza pan that came with the kit. Oven safe. Cool.

Don't forget the ever important dough tasting.

Then, they helped me top the thing with baking M & M's.

Ben was so proud of his creation! I'm so scrapbooking this picture later.

What does a three year old do while his cookie bakes? He waits right by the oven, of course.
All done, yum. Hunter had a pretty good helping of dinner, so he ate some of the cookie and roasted his chunky ass in front of a Barney video. Ben on the other hand ate nearly the whole thing. It turned out great.
Happy Day all.

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