Monday, March 24, 2008

When's this snow going to melt?

This morning I'm watching the birds, looking at our newest blanket of fresh snow, and wondering, when will I get into the garden? This last Friday we passed 100 inches of snow, record setting amounts the weather folks say we'll likely never see again. Pretty awesome. But, last week the snow melted, and now it's back. Like a tease. See all the dead grass, and clean surface for planting? Haha. It's gone again.

I began to search the Internet high and low for a site that can tell me when I can plant perennials, when I can plant bare root roses, and when will my first plants bloom? When will the snow not stand a chance of sticking around anymore? Looks like bare root roses have to wait until April 10th or longer, same with perennials. I already know the tender annuals have to wait until May 10th up here (April 10th in the Chicago area). I am the most impatient gardener. If I ever made a separate garden blog it would be called the impatient gardener, for sure. It occurs to me the best source for the answer to my questions is this blog. I can search my archives, and see what was up a year ago right here. Simple.

So as the boys are muching on a snack, and I'm slowly easing into this morning I'm re-archiving the past posts, labeling them birds, or garden, or scrapbooking, so I can use this blog as a tool for myself. This is my 703rd post, it's about time I got organized, eh?

Grandma Anita, Uncle Jason, and Alyssa are home now. I still have lots of pictures to share from their visit. Also, I think I'll try and get out into the garden tomorrow and snap some pictures of the growth I've found in the last week. The city mulch (free) I used in the fall is molding, and so I've spent a little time in the last week removing the mulch from the most sensitive areas. I've uncovered serveral sedum, lilies, bee balm, german chamomile, oregano, lamb's ear, purple coneflower, and a bunch of bulbs. Meanwhile, I wait to see my first Robin (there were a miilion down in Chicago this weekend, so I know they are coming).

Happy Spring everyone.
Have a great Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so my heart is broken. I woke up this morning to my phone ringing instead of Ben yelling "this is bullshit, wake up." I miss you guys already. Thank you sooo much for opening up your home and heart to me. I can't believe how incredibly attached I have become to the boys and you my dear. You are amazing and I can't wait to learn more and more from you. If I ever had an older sister I'd want her to be like you :] I long for snow and the peacefullness of your town. I will end this with Ben's famous line, "THIS IS BULLSHIT"

P.S. Don't worry I will be back soon, don't pack the air mattress completely.

P.P.S. I know Theo misses me, Like he said, he's a soft [inside and out]

Love ya,