Monday, March 10, 2008

It's their world, I just clean it.

Every morning I'm reminded how blessed I am. I have two adorable, healthy, a tad wild children who hang on my every move. I get to teach them whatever I want them to know, and show them how cool life can be.

This morning I am delightfully teaching Ben about bird and nests. I have this one green bird house out in our front trees, and it faces our bay window. I noticed some nest collection going on, as the mommy and daddy birds poked their heads out of the nest to spit out excess twigs. Ben was so thrilled to see the little bird heads (the parents, not the babies yet) bopping in and out of the hole in the house. I explained how they were building a nest for babies, how the house was their house now. I told him how he'd have to be quiet, and not bang on the window, or make any noises to scare the birds, so the mommy and daddy would know this is a safe place for their babies. He was pretty much captivated. So was I. Such a great sign of spring, I can't wait to see a million beaks sticking out of the house chirping in a frenzy!

Here are this weeks around the house images:
This is Hunter's "sneek" (snake).

Sneek kisses.

Back away or this sneek will "by. by." (Bite Bite).

A fight over the sneek ensues. Naturally.

And it goes on and on, without the snake. I watch. Laugh. I know I can't control it. I've tried.

Later, Hunter build a tower with mom.

He also spends significant time looking cute in this tiger-bear-like slippers.

But, the day would not be complete without a few temper tantrums. This one was particularly deep.

I distracted him with the camera. All was well in no time.

This guy has a bit of a complex when I spend too much time on Hunter. "Take my picture, too, Momma!"

Ahhhhh... Oh, did I show you my new glasses? Yeah, $17 for the frames at Walmart. I wanted some incredible Chaps glasses from Lens Crafters, but when it came down to it, $225 on lenses just doesn't make sense for my life right now.

Oh, and I only lost a .5 lb this week. But my Weight Watcher's days of old remind me that's 4 sticks of butter (8 sticks = 1lb). And you know what, my clothes fit better. So, I'm good.

Have a great day everyone...

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