Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sure Signs of Spring

As the boys napped yesterday I went out into the 45 degree garden and soaked up what felt like summer sun. Even with a breeze I was warm, comfy and content to search beneath the mulch to find green treasures of life. I had the baby monitor on, so I could monitor the destructive but sleeping boys upstairs. Ben woke up just as I was finishing up, and he came running outside like this. Sad to say, both of these manly boots are mine, one for hiking and one for working in the snow/rain. Isn't he cute?

A fresh, garden equivalent of a day old baby: a clematis barely pokes through the surface.

The round leaves of Hollyhock emerge ready to grow.

Sweet William survives the late summer transplant with ease. These are my mom's favorite!

I planted this Sedum Angelina just days before a frost, I am so stunned it made it through the winter. In fact, I was so afraid it wouldn't make it I divided it in 4 and brought it's siblings in the house in pots.

This Apricot tulip is stunning just pearing above the surface.
The ever-beautiful hens and chicks look dark red in the cold.
A late summer transplant 'black beauty' heuchera.
I grew German Chamomile in the herb garden last year. Late in the year I learned it reseeds itself readily. This one is popping up in the back border, where I trandsplanted something from the herb garden... I have a feeling I'll be pulling a few of these guys out to save the plants around them. Tea anyone?
This primrose is hardy to 5, and despite my being in zone 4 I found a microclimate I thought it might live in: Ta Da! It's already blooming, too. Craziness. Like this? I saw a ton of them in Home Depot yesterday. Mine lived in the kitchen window for about 2 years before I moved it outside.
Sedum Autumn Joy never disappoints. I really need to divide these in April sometime.
Just exciting to see 3 things alive in such a small space. Lamb's Ear, a tulip, and a daisy all together growing in the front bed.
Those pinks (dianthus) I grew from seed last year are already green and covering the ground. Cool!

Just some cool bulbs poking through the snow. I can't remember what I planted here for sure. I know I put in several hyacinths, allium, crocus, but possibly some tulips and daffs, too? I guess only time will tell what this is. I love the garden in that way.
Of course, Ben got his swing on, too. This time, in his boots.

Just a quick overall shot of what my garden starts out with every year. I will definately post some before and after shots once the garden gets going. This is my 4th spring with a garden int he midwest, and it's still very magical for me to watch winter melt away and spring run its course.

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