Friday, March 28, 2008

Random: Theo's 2nd Tatoo, tomorrow, plants, animal love, and more...

Warning, this post is way random.

The boys are both really into my scrapbooks lately. Here, they are enoying the Sea World album. Hunter was so thrilled to find a page with daddy, grandma, and uncle Jason.

I decided I should document the chaos that is my dining room right now. I have a crap ton, perhaps more than a ton, of seeds and bulbs and tubers, and corms and whatever else grows something all piled in the dining room right now. There's even more upstairs in our bedroom windows. I have two full size roses on this chairs here, a new angel's trumpet on the bench, some hostas I picked up at Walmart last night (4 for $5, and there was accidently 5 in one pack, BONUS!). I have been buying Peonies in the bag and starting them in the dining room, 3 different varieties now. I even have several strawberry plants growing here. If ever there was a person that needed a green house, it's me. I wish I could make one magically appear. I have such an intense passion for plants. I'm addicting to caring for them. I run the humidifier for them, fertilize with various kinds of foods, compost, dream about gardening. When I lie in bed at night and I can't sleep, even in deep midwinter, I plan gardens in my head. Yesterday, we went to the nursery to seek out a fountain for my birthday and I got lost in talking about plants with one of the sweet ladies who works there. I knew more than her. A lot more. She started showing me their order books, and by looking at lists I had a visual for every plant I saw there, even the different varieties. I told Theo last night, as I potted things over a piece of newspaper on the living room floor, that I'm not anywhere near my potential. I can't help but wonder if my potential lies somewhere in plants. Somehow. Anyway, here's my dining room. Good thing we have a kitchen table to eat on.
Yesterday, when the snow started, the cardinals were eating side my side, husband and wife. This other bird flew up, a sparrow maybe, and I cracked up at how the female cardinal looks as if she's saying, "Who invited this guy?"
We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday. The first 2 melted, but the last 4 stuck. Stuck to everything actually. We have a Spring Wonderland here. The cardinals were back for another morning helping of the black oil sunflowers.

See, fluffy stuff everywhere.

A few days ago Laura Jane and Toby napped like this on the sunny floor of the dining room. Too cute! Last night Laura fell asleep in my arms.

Theo got his second tatoo on Wednesday. It's the fallen soldier memorial. It's on his left forearm. The lady working at the tatoo shop sketched it right on the spot, b/c the first two sketches they had done were not what Theo had in mind. Theo loved her impromptu sketch, and when his tatoo artist was complete, he was so impressed with his own handiwork he asked Theo if he could take a picture of it for the shop's website. He said something to effect, 'You know after all these years if I impress myself, it must be good!' Theo's tatoo guy has been in the business for about 45 years. Cool. Whether or not to add a touch of color to the flag in the background remains up for debate. Any one have any suggestions? I'll take a vote... color or no color?

Finally, tomorrow is my golden birthday. On March 29, at 9:09 pm I'll be 29! Yipee. Nevermind the fact that I'm almost 30, I don't care, really, I thought I'd get some real REAL shots of me right now. weel yesterday, in the big 'thinking chair' as Hunter jumped all over me. No make-up, no hair did, just raw me. Almost 29.
This is my favorite thing right now, I could bottle up the scent of little man's head. He's not yet stinky like Ben and daddy, just babyish all over. He smells like cheerios, lavendar lotion, baby breath, and a bunch of other things I can't pinpoint. Whenever he'll sit still long enough I soak up his scent. Priceless.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Misty said...

A THOUSAND compliments on Theo's ink!!! I like the "touch of color" idea -- then again I love its present simplicity. Torn... This photo gave me the shivers, in the good way.

Also, you are too pretty. Are you sure you didn't Photoshop those so-called "raw" pictures? LOL

Sarah said...

Happy almost birthday!

leena! said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!! It is the 29th in Australia right now, so I think I have a right to say that. It is also my brother's birthday. Small world.

Would you be my Mr. Miyagi of plants? I am planning on starting a garden in my apartment when I return, mainly edibles (duh), a mixture of things that can grow outside while the weather is nice, and a few things that can grow indoors during the cold months. I may need some help not killing them!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!
Hope you had a great day and splurged on scrapbooking stuff!!! LOL

Love ya,