Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bunny Hops By Early

The Easter Bunny hid tons of eggs around our living room, dinging room and kitchen. The boys got lots of toys and candy, too. Way too spoiled! As usual.

Gotta love Easter grass.

Hunter got his own butterfly net, and Ben had to show him how to use it properly.
Jason and Alyssa watching the Easter chaos.

Digging into the candy!

Candy kisses for grandma.

Hunter got a vacuum!
Love for Uncle Jason!

A really cool Pirate Ship, too!

Ben gets Sir Handel!

Hunter learns to eat Cadburry eggs from a professional:

The day before the Easter Bunny came I took out the bunnies and duckies. Hunter figured out how to make this puppet duck quack right away. He also has to wear his rubber boots all day long...

The bunny ears on Ben: so cute.

Happy Easter to everyone!

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