Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Serious Snow

Theo pelts Alyssa in the back as the pictures are being taken.

Laura LOVES the snow! She was eating snowballs as we were throwing them.

Mom and Alyssa go on the defense!

Jason gets hit by one of Theo's hard balls.

Hunter is just taking it all in.

As you can see, the snow was coming down hard when we were out there!
Theo and Jason really let Alyssa have it!

Ben holds still long enough to take a picture.
Mom looks cute even when she's having a snowball fight.
Jason gets Alyssa.
Alyssa and Hunter eat the clean snow, and are still getting pelted with snowballs.

I was there, too. I threw some good ones, right into Theo's face. I also had a snowball stuffed in my pants, and down my shirt. But, to work a camera in this amount of snowfall required me to be on the sidelines for the most part. I had to hold my arm over the lens, which was zoomed out quite a bit, and pointed down so no snow collected on it. The camera was in "snow" mode, and 1/3 of the picture were blurry from motion or too much snow and fogging up the lens. Just FYI. We got about 8 inches last Friday, the day of this fight, and we still have a good blanket of snow on the ground today, with more forecasted later this week. The bulbs are poking up through the snow...

I look like Elmer Fudd!

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