Monday, November 26, 2007


Hunter had the most hilarious tantrum this afternoon, I had to share. He was happily playing with his chicken race toy. I decided to play along, and push the chickens down once, and he had the biggest fit! See the progression as follows. I can't make this stuff up.

So, Ben decides to play a song to make Hunter feel better. LOL.

With Ben's help, and song from his Barney, he bounced back quite nice. I think the terrible two's began today, and he's only 18 months.

P.S. I'm using manner/museum mode on my Kodak lately, and loving the results, as you can see above.


Amy said...

That was a great tantrum... lol:)

Sarah said...

it's weird, but tanturms delight me-- especially the flat on the floor tantrums-- too funny.

Hey-- there's this place called Madtown Twisters that has an open gym for $5/per kid (an hour and forty-five minutes of playtime), and it's way too fun. Bounce houses, trampolines, balance beams, balls, etc. Google it and tell me if you guys would be interested in going some Tuesday or Thursday-- there's a cute little picnic table area inside, so we could pack lunches, too. We went today, and Harry loved it (until he had a funny tantrum b/c he doesn't get the idea of taking turns lol!). A perfect winter activity.

Leena said...
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