Friday, November 16, 2007

Blanket Woes

I'm not sure if I blogged about Ben losing his precious, "Ghung?" We attended a Chicago Bears game earlier this fall, and some how Ben lost his blanket while we were there. The place was packed, we had not stroller, it was late, Hunter vomited all over me, and we had a 40 million mile march to car, we were late, and had to leave early. Don't bring kids there, huh? Anyway, Ben had been dragging this rag of a blanket remnant around for nearly 3 years and it was way nasty. When Theo and I realized we could not take the shuttle back to Soldier Field with a sick Hunter late at night we decided the blanket was finally gone for good.
When Ben realized the blanket was gone, Daddy explained to him that Staley Bear was sad b/c the Bear's lost, and so he needed Ben's blanket to make him feel better. We simply explained to Ben he had been a good boy and shared his blanket with Staley. The story seemed to appease him, and he asked if he could have another one. We bought a fleece blanket with trucks on it. Done. I thought.
Well, I've swadled Hunter in this green chenille blanket since he was days old. He sleeps with it always, but doesn't "ask" for it. Ben as been taking it out of Hunter's bed a lot lately. I decided to let it go... let Ben sleep with it. I'm tired of fighting it. Well, look what has happened? It's his new blanket. I overlooked this blanket had the same texture and weave as his old "Ghung." This blanket is much larger than the old rag he dragged everywhere. He and I have both tripped on it. Sigh.
As of this morning I've decided to use this blanket as a tool to stop this maddening thumb sucking. I have noticed his lip has a little curl to it, and it's clear we're working on bunny teeth here. If he sucks his thumb, I take the blanket away. If he can keep his thumb out of his mouth, then he can have the blanket. Parenting should require training.

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