Thursday, November 8, 2007

2007 CMAs

Last night I was glued to the television. Lately, I don't watch TV unless the Bear's are playing, so this was a rare night sitting in one chair for hours, but the country music's biggest night was on. I was so thoroughly entertained. I've always liked awards shows; as a child I sat on the floor in front of my grandparents TV and stared at awards and pageants awestruck. The 2007 CMA's proved to be the best few hours of television I've ever enjoyed.
The highlights of the event for me were George Strait, Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood, and Alison Kraus, (she even made Reba cry). I also enjoyed Sugarland, Leann Rhimes w/ Reba, and Taylor Swift. They all sang their darn hearts out. Hard to even phathom those were live performances, but they all are. The singers & musicians just put so much heart and energy into what they are doing, you can just tell how much performing in such a circumstance means to the artists. I was overwhelmed just watching them. I was talking outloud, ranting, but Theo was asleep preparing for his deer hunt this morning. So, I had to share with you folks here.
The dress Carrie wore when she sang was breathtaking, but more importantly she was so into her performance... I think she may have achieved true perfection, I've never seen anyone sing so well live--truly flawless. Even if you aren't a country fan, try and catch this girl singing on a re-run or online somehow... it was magical. Her acceptance speeches were thorough. I tried to find images online but I could not find any yet.
You know else looked awesome? Kimberly Williams Paisley, post baby and about thin as ever (too thin actually) but her dress was sparkly and elegant.
The dress LeAnn Rhimes wore to present was hideous, and she looked like a man... she redeemed herself wearing a nice feminine floor length black gown singing a duet with Reba. Loved how casual their interaction was as they sang, so real.
The redhead from Grey's Anatomy, the star of Private Practice, presented some awards, and her public speaking abilities were incredible. She was so natural, and comfortable, I loved seeing her in this format.
Watching 17-year-old Taylor Swift win the coveted Horizon Award was really cool, too; she said it was definitely the "highlight of her senior year." Can you imagine? She wrote or co-wrote everything on her first album; her current hit, "Our Song" she wrote for a middle school talent show. Her talent is clearly inherent.
I could hardly stay in my chair when Josh Turner sang "Firecracker." Does he know how many women he turns on when he sings? I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if I were him. He's just incredible. His band really stood out to me last night, too. They look like a rock band yielding acoustic string instruments, so fashionable and young--and so into their music. He's my Fabio. My Ken. My not-so-secret crush. Yummy.
**I love that their was no sight of Faith Hill, who is unsuccessfully still trying to salvage her fans after displaying a truly distasteful scorn for Carrie Underwood's winning of the Female Artist of the Year Award in 2006. No matter what she says she looked like a tacky bitch. (FYI: Camera's had her image live backstage as the winner was annonced. Upon hearing Carrie's name, not her own, she lunged at the camera shouting, "What?!" It was shocking. As a viewer it felt as though that could not have really happened, but it was in slow motion, and very clear what had just happened. Did she not see the camera there? Was she drunk? She claims she was just being herself, saucy, and that her husband loves her fiesty side. Sorry Faith, Carrie was just a million times better than you last year, and deserved the award more. Apparently she has no ettiquette. I can't even listen to her music anymore b/c it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.)
Moving on...
This morning I can't stop thinking about the show, what a rare treat. Country artists are so down to earth, and still a little bit larger than life, like the perfect famous people. I think I need to subscribe to some country gossip magazine or something to feed my addiction.

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