Monday, November 26, 2007

Crafty Me

As many of you know, I freqeunt a scrapooking site called Two Peas in a Bucket, a site loaded with inspiration for scrapbooking and beyond. I have noticed some cool projects in last year using styrofoam cones to make Christmas Tree tabletop decor. The best ones involve buttons, paper, ribbons... I just had to try one myself. I picked up some ribbon, pins, sequins, beads, rhinestones, glitter glue and just about any other hideously sparkly thing I could find at Micheals. I even found some snow white marabou on clearance (now waiting for another project). The result of my cone tree is a little vintage looking I think, like one of those grandma-ish decorations you pull out of the attic... very me. I got the idea for the wreath base from a fellow pea, Stephanie Howell. Enjoy my take on the cone tree:

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Anonymous said...

Christmas Greetings from dark, too warm, no snowing North!
Nice to see snowy garden and children playnig in snow - as we used to at time when grandparents were small! Be happy!
RGS Aunt Maire and fam