Friday, November 16, 2007

Bubbies on the Upswing

Littlest bear, my Hunter, has been sick with an upper respitory infection all week. He wakes up weazing, and sounds awful until about 10:00am, when the snot begins to drip. Yesterday he was finally feeling better, full of Bubbies Spunk. I'd never thought to pull down this wooden blocks for him, I've kept them primarily as an alphabet tool for Ben, overlooking there cool stacking ability. Hunter loves these things! He makes tall towers, and knocks them over and laughs and repeats.

Hunter is also teething. This tiny rubber duck seems to help. Look at those eyes. As his Me-Maw would say, he's such a pretty boy.

Never one to lack imagination, Hunter has designated this firetruck with ladder to be his vacuum. Looks a little like the Dyson, doesn't it? He throws the dirt out of the plants, gets the firetruck and pretend to pick it up. Then he bangs on the bathroom door, saying, "heh, heh" so I get the real vacuum to clean up. He loves this thing. Santa knows to bring the Bark Bark Vacuum (already in the basement, I mean Santa's workshop) for Hunter.

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