Friday, November 16, 2007

Funny Ben

I had a few of the funniest interchanges with Ben last night.

First, he decided he was a "tographer." He took his little Elmo camera and asked me to say "cheese" for him. Then he walked into the kitchen and turned on the light, announcing this was his "tographer store," and I was to come in. He pulled out a chair and asked me to sit down and say cheese, as I did. He told me I did a "really good job!" So cute.

Later he said, "mommy, I feel squeeky." "You do? What does squeeky mean?" "I feel very, squeeky. It means I'm very cold." Okay.

Then, after Hunter went to sleep, Ben and I were in my bedroom. I asked Ben to come and sit with me by my scrapbooking area. He said: "But, mommy, I'm not allowed in your room," (he's not allowed to play with scrapbooking stuff b/c he can get hurt). I said, "No, Ben you can be in Mommy's room if Mommy is with you!" He exclaimed, "Oh! Wow! You're a really great Mommy!" I laughed hard, and said "Thanks." He looked at me puzzled, "Can you tell me I'm a really great boy?" Laughing again, I said, "You're a really great boy, Ben." He said, "Thanks."
He proceeded to cut up small pieces of paper and pile them up. He glued the scraps to another piece of paper. He also put a dozen stickers on a sheet of paper. Fun stuff. He loved it.
At one point he said, "Phew! (wipes his forehead) This is really hard work!" Where does he get this stuff?

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