Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally, a battery charger!

For Christmas this year I put all practical things on my wish list (okay, a gold tiffany charm bracelet is not practical, but is it is a wishlist). But ultra powerful lithium rechargeable camera batteries, a charger, and a huge SD card to use in the camera is pretty darn practical if you're me. I placed an order with Circuit City online for the aforementioned battery & charger and they sent me the wrong charger. Turns out they don't carry the correct one. But Best Buy does. Right there in town all along... I went a long week and half without a camera battery charger. Torture. Needless to say, the kidlets are growing, and I think we're due for some around the house kind of pictures. Dare I interupt Ben's play to ask for a smile, right?

Hunter and I are a little sick. Well, we're all sick, but Hunter and I are in the middle part of the cold. We watched Barney 6 times Monday morning, b/c he'd lose it if I turned it off. He was too weak to really play, so sitting and relaxing with his big purple singing companion fit his bill just fine.

This is what I would get if I turned Barney off.

He did pick up a book or two, to eat, not to read, duh.

Last night we watched Jim Carrey's Grinch Who Stole Christmas as a whole family. Ben loved it, sitting dumbfounded with his mouth open the whole time, as Hunter chose to give mom a million zerberts and zone in and out of the plotline. But, my point is, I forgot how genius that movie is. I think Ron Howard is the best director ever. Watch it again. Nuf said.

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