Monday, November 26, 2007

"Can we go play in the snow, puh-lease?"

These boys hounded me all day yesterday to take them out in the snow. Why not? I would if I was there age, too. So out we went. Now, I've lived in the midwest since 1994, and I have never seen a snow quite like this. The snow is coated in ice, and solid... you have to really push down hard, or run with a kid in your arms to break the snow. Otherwise, you're just walking right on top of it. Crazy. I feel like such a novice wisconsonite right now.

So we slid all over the yard yesterday, having a blast.
This was Hunter's first time really playing in the snow, he was 6-9 months last year when we had snow.
Joey had a great time, too.
I love this picture of Benjamin.
As soon as I set him free outside, Hunter slipped and hit his nose on the ice. He didn't care, he wanted to play, so I kept wiping him up, and let him play like the "boy" he is, a little bloody.

God forbid I get a picture of the boys together. Hunter was like, "No way!"

This is how you try and make a snow angel on top of ice...
Running all around...
The boys discovered the hill between our house and the neighbor's was a great spot for sliding. They didn't even need a sled.

Yeah, I have a super-nerdy snowman hat.
Ben and Joey cheesin' it up:
I love these pictures of Ben, too. He look so Finnish here.
We went in and grabbed the sled so they could pull each other all over the yard. On top of this ice, they are weightless.
Even Hunter was able to pull the big boys around. He preferred to pull rather than be pulled, though.

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Misty said...

Could have sworn I had an email address for you! Oh well, hope you enjoy this video. Cracked me up.