Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Theo

My husband is some kind of superhero, I swear. He was off Monday and woke up, unloaded the car from our weekend trip, clipped coupons, fed the kids, got Ben off to school, grocery shopped, raked, mowed half the yard, took a load of donations to a local thrift store that funds schools associated with our church, mailed an order for me, hallowed out pumpkins for carving, searched the house for costume gloves and ran around town looking for last minute replacement gloves, did a load of laundry, and trick or treated with us for a couple hours. All on a foot that was reconstructed this spring- complete with screws, plates, and cadaver bone. He's only been walking for a month now, and still experiences great fatique.

I coughed on the couch. Washed my hands. Knit. Drank Coffee.

Yesterday he worked a full day, and did & folded about 6 loads of laundry. He also put away three loads left out from last week's laundry, did homework with Ben, organized some of his hunting stuff for the upcoming opening of gun deer season, and took the trash out. I had the nerve to call and make a special request for dinner- he even ran to the store on the way home to get what we did not have. Later, he rubbed my back for a few minutes, laughed with me about our kids, listened to me rant, and saved time to cuddle. Super. Hero. I am sure I missing even more.

I am also sure he will say I made him look like a sissy, or something.

Truth is, he is more of a man than any man I've ever known.

He always calls to tell me he loves me. Or he misses me. Even when he is 3 minutes away.

He leaves every one of us satisfied, loved, warm, happy. Even the dog, and his favorite cat, Fat Toby, were fulfilled.

Sometimes I feel so undeserving. Then I remember some of the loser men I've dealt with in my life, and I am so thankful that Theo has restored my faith in man, and brought me the greatest love possible. I try and remind myself I deserve him. We deserve each other. I will avoid trying to list what exactly it is that I did to match his greatness. There is no comparison.

Here are a few shots of our family from this last weekend at a wedding in Illinois.

-Happy Fall!

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