Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just a giggle.

It is common knowledge around our house that Hunter has given Schmoopy the cat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From the time she was born, literally, until now, Hunter has picked her fuzzy butt up and dragged her around. She goes limp, and lets him. I can't blame Hunter, she's as soft like an expensive fur coat!

Now, she's nearly as long as him, so he cups her chest in the crook of his arm, and she dangles, her tail reaching the ground, picking up dust as he goes along. She hardly ever complains, but if any (besides Hunter) of us try and pick her up-she immediately fights to get out of our arms. She dislikes being confined, and doesn't trust us enough to be carted around. She must think we'll all be as careless as lil' Hunter.

At first this bugged me so much. I mean, what's the point of having a cat you can't hold? Truthfully, we'd keep her for life no matter what, but I like to cuddle my cats. You can always find me with a cat. Sometimes, when I'm asleep, you can find me with 3. But, I figured out that my princess Schmoo-poo-poo-doo will let me pet her forever if I just don't try and pick her up. So we lay on the floor, side by side, and I scratch her back and belly- we've really built up a nice trust. It is also no secret around our house that my Schmoo-poo-poopa-doo Princess is my favorite feline.

On the other hand, Ben's cat School Bus O'Mio is extremely trusting. He and Ben have a nice trusting bond. School-bee loves to be pet, doesn't mind being held, and loves to cuddle- often falling asleep with Ben, then coming to cuddle Theo downstairs, and later sleeping by my side the rest of the night. Bus-of-the-School is very trusting, loud, and needy- kinda like Benjamin, his rightful owner.

The other day Hunter approached School Bus and went to pick him up. Ben jumped in his direction- "Don't touch him Hunter! You're gonna give him that thing you gave Schmoopy!"

Ben went to pet his School Bus J Cat, "My School Bus will always trust me."

Oh, we giggled. I'm still giggling. Very, very funny.

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